The Power of Dreams

For me, climbing is to love, to live, even to forget and release. It’s the purest celebration of life that I know – my own life and those who have gone before me. To climb is to be whole, and I am feeling whole again…thanks to the Rwenzoris! Continue reading

Another One Bites the Dust (but doesn’t have to)

What are you willing to do to support a person, an idea, a great business that simply must stay in existence? Continue reading

The Case for Women’s Awards

Last night was the inaugural Bend Chamber of Commerce Women of the Year Awards ceremony where I delivered a pre-taped mini-keynote (as I won’t be back from Uganda until March 20). I wanted to share this here as well as it’s critical to highlight the importance of women’s awards to provide inspiration to others! Continue reading

The Case for Self-Nomination

Most woman have responded reluctantly to my suggestion to self-nomination. “Self-nomination really isn’t my thing,” responded one community super star. Another leader in her field said, “I really don’t want the recognition. What have I done to deserve it?” Continue reading

Planning Makes Perfect

“A goal without a plan is a pipe dream.” – Mike & Mark Anderson in The Rock Climber’s Training Manual Continue reading

Seven Enemies of Success

I’m a firm believer that success in the outdoors translates directly into success back home and at the office – confidence, skills, communication, learn how to ask for help, contribute to a team, and find power in your own mind and body. Continue reading

Showing up is (more than) half the battle!

How are you holding yourself back? What are you wishing you could do or try, but you keep sabotaging yourself by failing to show up? What happens if you try, by showing up, even just once.

Think about it. Continue reading