F#@$ing Tell Them Already (& Happy Thanksgiving!!!)

Tis’ the season to express thanks and I’ve got two major pet peeves with how we show gratitude…and a super crazy radical alternative for Thanksgiving! Continue reading

Fear, Risk, and Commitment

How far can we go if we are intently aware of every step and every move? This is our lives…every day. We take risks and have faith that we will land, committed to be ready for what’s on the other side. Continue reading

Walk Through That Door

The answer you will often find is the fear that lives deep within you…and if you address those fears and say “yes”, I guarantee you won’t regret it. Continue reading

A Wilderness Guide Ponders Cicero

Long plane rides allow me the time to expand my mind through reading, but it was recently expanded far more than expected. I came across Cicero’s “Six Mistakes of Man” and I was struck by the relevance of these six … Continue reading

Never Stop Moving!

I finally stopped asking my clients in their 60s and 70s, “What’s your secret?” because the answer was always the same…NEVER STOP MOVING! Continue reading

Can You Sit With Your Fear?

What could you potentially be accomplishing if you sat with your fear and REALLY examined it??? Continue reading

The Power of Dreams

For me, climbing is to love, to live, even to forget and release. It’s the purest celebration of life that I know – my own life and those who have gone before me. To climb is to be whole, and I am feeling whole again…thanks to the Rwenzoris! Continue reading