MBA Women International (MBAWI) asked women leadersnawmba_logo to think about one word, just one word, of advice they would give to the younger generation and then write a full chapter about that word.  The compilation is a thought-provoking and inspiring e-book that is available on Amazon for Kindle and iPad.

My chapter is MBA Women's Guide to Success coveron fearlessness and how climbing taught me to work through fear in the “civilized” world to move forward and be more successful.  I had been riddled with fear and self-doubt in my early years, but experiences in the outdoors shifted my perspective radically. I was no longer afraid of going for a big promotion, speaking in front of a large group, potentially losing a client – I had accomplished great things and worked through survival situations in the mountains.  Situations in the workplace began to seem much less intimidating as a result.  Click the logo above to go straight to Amazon for your copy.

Listen to CBS Radio’s interview of MBAWI CEO, Gail Romero, as she talks about the book and my chapter here.  The segment begins at 5:20.

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